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Product Placement

What is product placement?

Product placement refers to the specific placement of a brand’s products in TV, cinema or video-on-demand (VoD) productions. The product should be clearly visible to the viewer and integrated into the story in a positive context – in compliance with all legal regulations. This form of advertising already achieves a high advertising impact with the use of manageable resources and increases the customers’ willingness to buy.

How do we proceed in product placement?

Brandplace is constantly in contact with production companies, TV stations and streaming platforms. They get in touch with us with exciting content and are looking for brand partners. In dialogue with you, we find the “perfect match” according to your ideas and needs. Format, story and brand must fit together in terms of message and value. Sometimes this works best by equipping an actor, sometimes by anchoring an action in the story. We always keep the legal and contractual circumstances in mind.

An authentic integration requires a carefully selected research of partners, scripts and storyboards. We establish a common understanding among all parties for the core and essence of the story and the brand and product communication. In this way, the integration of your brand becomes a credible experience for the viewer. We document the success in the form of detailed reportings with reach and media equivalent value – this is the value that your placement achieves and is calculated on the basis of audience quotes as well as advertising time rates.

What is it that makes us special when it comes to product placement?

We have been performing product placements for more than 20 years and have a large network of national and international TV and film productions, cinema, streaming series and shows. Each of our media partner – film productions, TV channels or streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon & Co – has its own access to its users. We develop a custom-fit solution with all parties, based on media, target group and budget analyses. This leads to new placement paths for your brand and we accompany you from the first conversation through the entire production period and implementation of the integration to the red carpet at the premiere event! We also have special know-how in the area of digital placement, whereby your product is digitally integrated after the end of filming.

You want to place your brand?


Movie Nightlife – Placement of the Volkswagen e-up!

In the cinema film Nightlife, Elyas M’Barek and Frederick Lau drive around Berlin and the region in the Volkswagen e-up! as a fictional car-sharing vehicle.

„The up! is the modern Beetle, so to speak, the modern Herbie. It’s such a good picture – our heroes defeating gangsters in a charming little pink up! That’s comedy!“

Production Nightlife

Out of the Diary of an Uber Driver – Placement of the Volkswagen Touran.

In the Joyn series From the Diary of an Uber Driver, Kostja Uhlmann drives around Hamburg in a Volkswagen Touran, helping his passengers with problems and working on his own problems.

„About a third of the filming time we were on the camera trailer with the car. And because I wanted to be with the actors and not in the towing vehicle, it meant for me: luggage compartment. For ten days. On a yoga foam mat. With my legs folded, two screens in my hands and a water bottle next to me. That was exhausting. But also very beautiful. Now and then you can hear me laughing in the footage because the comedic acting was excellent – or coughing because the air got dry again. So not to confuse the audience (the ghost in the luggage compartment), we cut both out.“

Julian Pörksen, director

Essence in the music video Hellwach by Namika

Essence products were placed in the music video “Hellwach” by Namika. Namika and her girls don’t want to go home after a night of partying and are going out in town, always taking Essence products with them to look their best even after a night of dancing.