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Virtual Placement

What is virtual placement?

In virtual product placement, also called digital product placement, products are afterwards placed in TV programmes, show formats, films and music videos. This is done using AI (artificial intelligence) technology in the finished film and series format. This means that your brand is not displayed during the commercial break, but in the environment of a high-quality content.

The short lead times for virtual placement allow exact timing coordination with other advertising campaigns. Prices are competitive with TV spots and physical product placements integrated during production. The positive impact on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), brand awareness, purchase intention and even sales increase has been proven by market research.

How do we proceed in virtual ​placement?

We place your product, poster or advertisement in well-known German TV series, whereby digital product placement is indistinguishable from physical placement for the viewer. Here we rely on implied usage, i.e. the implicit use of the brand. This means that the viewer is shown a product in the story as if the actor would actually use it. Another very effective option is the placement of signages, i.e. digital media content such as digital posters or out-of-home outdoor advertising.

An example could be a promotional poster in a film or series to accompany a campaign. To achieve the best possible brand performance, we work with Mirriad, a specialised service provider, to develop placement options in the finished content and select them together with the brand partner, the agency and the content platform. Examples of successful formats in which virtual placements have already been used are “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” and “Alles was zählt” on RTL or “Berlin Tag und Nacht” and “Köln 50667” on RTL II. Music videos of well-known artists in the USA and China also use this technique.

What is it that makes us special in virtual placement?

We are the exclusive representatives of Mirriad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have direct access to national formats (on RTL and RTL II) and international formats (music, feature films, VoD). Through Mirriad, we can conduct market research and combine it with the market research systems of the media agencies. We can align the virtual placement campaign with other advertising and TV campaigns in terms of content and timing.

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Best of Video Mirriad

Mirriad searches the most relevant and effective times to subsequently insert products and posters into a wide variety of formats.

Mirriad digital PP

Mirriad digital PP is a proven popular and effective way for brands to reach customers and lift powerful KPIs such as awareness, affinity and purchase intent. Previous research has shown that on average 84% like this format and 90% say it is a good fit for the content. This positive attitude carries over to brands: 81% say it makes the brand more attractive. With an average increase in ad awareness of +22pt and brand affinity of +11pt, all these factors lead to a market-leading average increase in brand awareness of +10 pt.

Virtual Placements in TV Dailies


Another very effective option for services and products are “signages”, i.e. digital media content such as digital posters or electronic displays.


Implied Usage

For suitable products, we rely on “implied usage”, i.e. the implicit use of the brand. This means that the viewer is shown a product in the story as if the actor would really use it.