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Branded Content

What is branded content?

Branded content is content created and distributed by a brand on its behalf. It aims to attract the interest of the viewer with the prepared content of a brand and to build up a bond. In doing so, an advertising character is avoided, i.e. the viewer should not perceive the brand in the context of information and entertainment as advertising, but should be made aware of it in passing. In Germany, content is often used by brands for product launches or for specific occasions such as Christmas and Easter or to address a specific target group and to build up social media channels.

The focus can be on the brand. Additively, brand and image values can also be elaborated through the content without naming them directly. Well-known and successful branded content is, for example, Edeka Heimkommen, Volvo Epic Split and the Bundeswehr series “Die Rekruten“.

How do we proceed in Branded Content?

We know how to tell stories about a brand – informative, user-oriented and with great entertainment value. Content and distribution are equally king for us in order to implement successful content marketing in your target group. We are specialised in highlight content with films, web series, reports or videos. Branded content can be created to accompany product placement integrations, e.g. as a making-off for your social media channels.

Furthermore, we create completely independent web series, films and videos in cooperation with well-known production companies and agencies in order to reach your specific target group with high-quality film content. Recently, we have also been working on audio content in podcasts and virtual reality content!

What is it that makes us special in branded content?

We know the German production market extremely well. We know which of the top 10 film productions and which of the numerous special productions for documentaries and videos will produce the best format for your brand as a film, web series, report or video and how it can be distributed widely on TV, VoD and social media. We are represented in the leadership positions of the BCMA DACH (Global Branded Content Marketing Association) and are therefore optimally connected nationally and internationally with the members and brands.

You want to tell your own story?


Cinema film Lassie – Placement of the Passat Variant and T-Roc of Volkswagen

In collaboration with the film “Lassie – An Adventurous Journey”, Volkswagen shot its own content featuring the famous collie Lassie for its YouTube channel.

Starcook – Johann Lafer – Freixenet

Starcook invited to an exciting virtual influencer cooking workshop, all about Spanish tapas. Celebrity chef Johann Lafer chose the recipes together with Nieves García. Freixenet was there too!

Starcook – Johann Lafer – Consorcio Serrano

The Consorcio Serrano seal of approval was invited to the virtual cooking workshop by Starcook and Johann Lafer and sent a professional ham cutter to cut the typical Spanish Serrano ham fresh from the bone.

Instagram: Consorcio Serrano Schinken